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Text Box:     CAMP                         AGE          LENGTH   REGISTRATION  TUITION
Wee Campers:    (0-18mos.)    30 min.  $30         $30
9:30, 5:40
Tiny Campers:  (18mos-3.5yrs) 30 min.  $30         $30
10.10,10.50, 5.00, 6.20
Little Campers:   (3.5- 4.5yrs)  30 min.   $30         $30
11.30, 12.10,  7.00
Big Campers:       (4.5– 6yrs)     60min.    $30         $60
Piano Camp         (7– 8yrs.   90 min.)      $45         $80
1.00  **class requires an approved keyboard.
     * only Piano Campers will receive Materials   
   camp requires 6 children to make class.  I will let you know if   camp does not fill.



Age appropriate classes below

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30 min class
(parent and child class)

Finally, you can learn the words to all those nursery rhymes and lullabies you’ve been humming since your baby was born. Your Educator explains why each song enhances your baby’s daily rituals and “what-to-watch-for” every step of the way. Our Baby classes introduces multiple levels of activities appropriate for the different stages of development (lap babies, crawlers, and walkers) Environments with diverse development stages in the first 1 ˝ years create an optimal learning setting for both children and parents.

 Home materials:  Included with Fees


(40 min. class without parent)

His tissues become snow, red  blanket becomes a big red boat and chairs lined up become our bus ride to school.

Sound like someone you know? Someone who amazes you daily with an incredible sense of imagination, boundless energy and enthusiasm? At Ginger’s Music we are as captivated by your child’s creative spirit as you are….and we’ve developed a musical classroom experience designed to tap directly into the power of her imagination  This program provides and extraordinary musical atmosphere. Your preschooler will build a musical and verbal vocabulary through storytelling, active movement, and dramatic expression. In a musical classroom that respects your child’s individual learning style, you’ll watch as he becomes self-sufficient in a room full of friends.

 Home materials: Included in Fees



30 min class
(parent and child class)

We’ll start with easily imitative words and motions that gradually introduce new games and songs that helps toddler learn to control her body, speak her mind, and guide her on that all-important search for independence. Focusing on your child’s emotional development as her confidence, curiosity, self-control, and communication begin to take shape.

Home materials: Included with Fees



(55 min. class without parent)

Let Music be the Foundation that Supports YOUR Child’s Lifetime Growth.

Your child will develop a strong musical foundation by learning to sing on pitch (by listening to his God-given instrument.)  They will learn Rhythmic language, notation, and vocabulary of musical terms and its greatest composers. With exposure to rhythm instruments (playing in ensembles)— and exposure to pre- keyboard activities, he will have a good beginning for a lifelong love of music. By age seven, your child knows the satisfaction of making music with others and is already experimenting with reading musical notation. This final class broadens and deepens the music experience ....leading them into our NEW Keyboard classes offered after completing Level 1 & 2 of this curriculum. 

 Home materials: Included in Fees


Keyboard classes: are offered for the students who have finished Level 1 & 2 of School class

Daddy and Me playing with home materials......

Daddy and Me playing with home materials......

Ginger's Music is changing the world, one child at a time!
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